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The story

We started Art-Stop as a place where artists and art-lovers could post their or others work, and comment, rate, or favorite each other. Purchase and sale is possible on some pieces. Our own impetus was a realization that there's a lot of art out there that is not shown and a lot of commentary that is not done simply because the venue doesn't exist. Artists who don't have representation for whatever reason have an opportunity to sell their work. We don't have ongoing commentary (i.e. responses to comments on art) and we'll purge negativity in general.

The bigger story

We have one and it's coming – this site is one part of it.

Contact us for anything – we haven't yet come out, so to speak. But if you've stumbled upon us or were invited to participate, please give us feedback.

How to use the site

There are two posting options:

1. Post your own art – click on Post > My Art

2. Post someone else's art – Post > Other Art

You can comment on the art you post – what you think about it, creating it or looking at it etc. Posting art you don't like? – we'll probably take it down if your comment isn't instructive or revelatory in some way. Part of the idea is to enjoy good art :)

What we keep

We keep everything you post and profile you according to those posts, your favorites and your ratings on others. We consider this profile to be of your own making as opposed to a profile made of your buying and browsing habits (B&B data)

Buying and selling

Users can sell their own art or art they own. We take care of the escrow services, the seller takes care of shipping and insurance. When the buyer acknowledges safe receipt, we release the money to the seller. We take $50 or 10% from the seller for the service, whichever is less.


We will offer 3 tiers of subscription which renew yearly

1. Pure subscription – $12

2. Subscription with t-shirt – $20

3. Subscription with object – $50

We will produce new t-shirts and objects each year – we'll be fashion :)


We will run this site and our other sites under transparency conditions using a formula/brand of our own called We Will Grok You (stay tuned)

Ratings and favorites

We combine ratings and favorites into a number approaching 10 and populate the pages in a descending order

Consider our ratings like hotel ratings - one star does not mean a piece is bad - it merely means it might not have certain things that a piece with a higher rating might have - in the opinion of a number of people. Art is inherently subjective and subjectivity changes. Individuality and uniqueness often are not appreciated for some time. Important for all of us is belief in the creative process and an objective feeling for systems of rating.

One might ask why we have both ratings and favorites and the hotel comparison is again useful in that a hotel might have all the qualifications for five stars but for some reason we just don't like it's ambience and vice-versa: a hotel might be very basic and lack some amenities but for some reason, to us, it's charming.